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Global and UK Shipping Specialists

If you need larger items shipped by air or sea, we have you covered thanks to our strategic partnerships with wholesale agents around the world. Your products are important to you and they are important to us. Your customers, too, are our concern.

Parcel Delivery – Worldwide & UK

Whether shipping parcels in the UK or Worldwide, you can trust Bridgeway Express to deliver your packages when and where you want them at a cost that suits your business.

At Bridgeway Express, we offer a dedicated online portal that gives you control from the booking on process to tracking the package to its ultimate destination.

You also receive the bonus of a hands-on Account Manager available should you need assistance with any aspect of your shipment.

Same Day UK

When you have an urgent delivery that needs to be with your customer the same day, Bridgeway Express has the solution you are looking for. Our Same Day fast response service gets your important mail, parcels or packages delivered to your customer on the very same day, anywhere in the UK.

We offer the option to compare prices, collection times and delivery times to book your Same Day shipments in an instant, ensuring you stay ahead of your competition while keeping the costs at an affordable level. Your items are collected within the hour of a confirmed booking and delivered to your chosen destination. 

Air Freight

Air freight forwarders transfer goods via charter or commercial air carriers. Air freight offers you not only express delivery, but also extensive global reach and high levels of security, making it ideal for transporting high-value or perishable goods. Airlines have a vast network of destinations and strict schedules with departures several times a day, so potentially missing a flight will not cause a noticeable delay. Air freight delivers peace of mind when it comes to time-sensitive consignments.

Shipping by air costs more than land and sea transportation, but in business, time is money and meeting customers & expectations can justify the higher cost of flying cargo. While other modes of transport can take weeks to arrive, international air freight can arrive at its destination in as little as a day.

Sea Freight

To ensure the smooth delivery of your goods to their destination, local knowledge is key within this industry. It is for this reason Bridgeway Express have built good relationships with agents all over the world, who completely understand their country’s customs procedures, location of storage centres and much more. Our professional sea freight delivery service includes:

  • FCL/LCL shipments

Worldwide Containers departing/arriving weekly for part loads to all international ports

Equipment available:

  • 20ft and 40ft GP’s
  • High Cubes
  • Reefers
  • Open Tops
  • Flat Racks
  • Container services available in all directions. 


Linking to a broker that specialises in the Freight Industry enables special insurance cover on almost any aspect of your freight. Specific shipments or regular movements are easily accommodated and quickly quoted. Ask us for details today.

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